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As reported of course, for which both numbers are flawed. We live in interesting times where there are no such thing as good numbers, and people want to make decisions for you based on them…

Probably smarter would have been to bomb in one go, like we did, and leave within a week. While us losing is bad, I also didn’t want us to stay there. We weren’t going to win in part because the Afgan forces were an absolute joke. Winning wasn’t an option because of that. Losing isn’t an option beca…

Some k-means? That’s not usually something someone buys but I suppose it’s possible. Throw me some data and I’ll k-means it for you? No charge bro ; )

I know. Those are some weird characters there. I didn’t upload it. People really need to stop using special characters on the web. You know how sometimes people use weird quotes. The guy uploaded it with the equivalent for every letter in the title. I don’t touch or change other people’s content so I guess it’s staying.

Still worth sharing.

You know Afrikaans? I’m jelly. Every Afrikaans girl I’ve met has be hot as fuck.

Lol. Some people say MineTest is better for build detail. We could make an exact replica with swimming pools and all.

I mean, not really. Of course Africa would take to our worst ideas. They can’t have any of their own, and they have bad taste.

It’s Europe’s fault for coming up with Marxism and allowing it to infiltrate South Africa via Nelson Mandela.

They found a one percenter because they couldn’t have a room of “high IQ” people and not have a single black person. And they clearly couldn’t have them be on the bottom either. That or their testing is flawed, or both.

Or they are going to have chronic illnesses and we will be forced to take care of them in the most massive socialized medical system ever seen.

Part of me would love it if you had an account just correcting people’s black grammar.

Fun fact. Fivver is based out of Isreal.

Something that’s been driving me crazy and I’m not sure if it’s me or the site… but sometimes if I type out https://preview.goatpen.co/c/politics it redirects me to the main page of the site instead. I can’t have misspelled it that many times, especially when I have it as a suggestion in my browser. Then I follow the same suggestion a second time and it works. Were they different suggestions spelled differently and one ranked higher later? Or does the site really just ignore the sub you want to go to if you are visiting the site for the first time in a day?

Am I taking crazy pills or has that happened to other people?

Yeah. There’s a lot I want to change about this site. Expandos working, title’s being links, custom css in subs.

I don’t know how easy it is to contribute code here considering the code is from someone else’s project, but if they ever wanted me to get video expandos working I’d gladly help.

They will do it quietly, and in a way requiring a financial IQ high enough to notice that cops don’t have.

Here’s one way. Just print lots of money until the pension isn’t worth anything in real terms. Or award yourself and you friends management of the pension so you can use it in OPM schemes. (other people’s money).

I’m convinced that everyone, except white women, are aware of the reality of the situation. All of it.

Maybe drop the ethnic part. No point in providing education to ethnics. When we work we invest in the people we work around. Why would you invest in that?

I did. Links here are weird. It does it to youtube’s videos as well. Basically the expando doesn’t work on any video site and the title doesn’t go to a link. You have to click the thumbnail or the domain link (ironically). It’s true for removedute, youtube, and gvid.

Then it annoyingly puts the video description in the post with no way to not do that, making it look like that is your post.

You are never safe from an accusation of anti-semitism, even if you are jewish. Finally though a jew admitting that jews specifically are privileged. We may turn this around on them yet.

I like that this place forces you to get creative with what you call them.

One possible solution to the whole situation is to be like Norway and not arrest people on suspicion of a crime and just give them a court date instead. Fewer deaths would happen if there were fewer arrests without trial.

Being arrested is in fact a detriment to your liberty and shouldn’t be possible without a trial, except in cases of serious and emanate danger. But that’s just a citizen’s read of the constitution. Judges prefer their, allow as much government as possible interpretation

Torguard, or roll my own. I’ve done a bit of the second one but I don’t know if I want to trust a site to it.