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It needs covid vax to boost that sound.

It is not vote manipulation when @Dial does it. Stop spreading misinformation and damaging his good name!!

Why can’t these site owners just be normal humans.

A tyrant with OCD, what could go wrong?

Sorry but you need Level 30 privilege to enable your commenting capability.

The 2019 version is confirmed by the archive. I am not sure about the 2020 (judging by the sticky) version.


Please explain why every time I make a post about AOU, I lose 50 points from my account? Can you explain that?

XD More penalty for the goyim!! I am sorry but until your soul is re-educated, the penalty stays. My decision is final.

poal was under maintenance and is now back online.

I bet that he stole seagulls’ fries on the street. Maybe he was looking for one that looked like Jesus and wanted to sell it off to goy for 6,000,000 dollars. But the seagulls were hungry, so very hungry…

XD Hey, that is @AOU’s son!! Leave him alone, you racist white supremacist removed!!

Might have something to do with this submission and trying to pass off as a joke.


XD Your fake title needs an ascii-dick makeover.

Did it work???

Did you leave him a dick picture with “angel investor is a kike” written on it?