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nah i got that decades ago

So your micro penis got oversized, got it.

plus it even works
proved that a few years back lol

XD Of course it should “work”. Otherwise it would just be peeing inside of yourself.

Are you saying that you have recently obtained a legal document that said you have a penis from that date onward? Well, you are still not biologically a real man.

Yeah but it is my site. You have no saying in how my site operates. You disrespect my FoS, you disrespect my site. You are lucky that my algorithm is not here yet.

I am sorry you were mistaken. I meant to ban anyone on Goatpen, not that shithole called poal.

Goddammit!! I should have submitted this post to a community where I can delete or ban anyone at will.

To answer your question, no, the money will go to his kids for their college fund. The money will also go to his wife to keep up her lifestyle. If you donate enough, however, I will consider passing on 15% to the ones who made him absolutely miserable on his final months/years.

Of course I knew this. He also has other positive qualities.

So he might have done other dirty works for SBBH gangsters as well? What a Cunt!!

And trying to steal poal’s userbase at the same time XD

In addition to 1k karma, you also need to buy Goatpen Gold TM, fa​ggot.

And that is assuming that they would live long enough and still remember about the discount.

you no like wearing your mask? Here, let me put it on for you.

You are kind of famous now on voat.xyz XD

You meant, I have to wipe my ass?