voat vet here for the ride

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Cool I was thinking of adding features too so I’ll keep in touch.

because goatpen is a preview it might be overkill. I like the idea of possibly sharing code bases though.

lots to unpack there, lol.

you’re welcome back any time, brother.

It’s like 50% of (((dailywire’s))) primary content and at least 80% of the articles have an auxiliary tweet.

aww sorry to hear that. 🐷

don’t pull a pmyb2 and off yourself. hang in there bro.

odd. doesn’t happen to me.

Something amusing about AOU getting his downvote kicks on alt websites like goatpen.

in a chrome like browser (for me it’s brave) just search for “passwords” in settings. click that result and you can view them all by site.

Aww you used my title…I’m flattered.

But I didn’t give you permission to use it. My jew lawyer is going to sue the sh$t out of you. bwahahaha

Check your browser settings and it will show your current password

maybe there is a way to commission a new one assuming the materials even exist anymore.

I miss that joke explanation bot.

Also what happened to foot fetish guy? Did he migrate to ruqqus leading to their inevitable downfall? …

I don’t recall the book being nearly as ethnically diverse as the trailer indicated. What the fuck else is new, though? …