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Did you register this account? Did you config an email?

Yeah but you can’t and haven’t disproved any of the proofs. You’re cherry picking.

Will ask dev. Right now he’s set to work on it on thursday. We’re triaging things currently.

Looks like you have to go to old first. Then back to new. If you sort by old and not in chat mode it woll replicate it how you’re used to it.

It has to do with how you sort the comments. Hot, top, new old. Basically disable chat and then select “new”

Me. Not mossad or cia. I’m too much of a piece of shit.

Oh no dude please understand I’m not like that at all. I agree with you. It’s cucked as fuck, needs substantial optimization, needs a wholllle lot. We’ll get there.

Well it’s just gen 1 Mister Matt. I threw it together with 0 tweaks to the code and 0 special config. It’s going to take a bit more than a week to get a decent site going. Shitpile yes. barely functional shitpile for sure.

But it’s in the spirit of voat, where any of us can cut jews apart with chainsaws.

Word. Let me know if there’s a mod I should elect.

(fat people hate being banned on reddit is when I started really browsing voat exclusively)

Fuck q tards.

a single shot was fired a stupid thot got slain…