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Don't let me show cruelty though I may make mistakes Don't let me show ugliness though I know I can hate And don't let me show evil, though it might be all I take Show me love, show me love, show me love Don't let me think weakly though I know that I can break Keep me away from apathy while I am still awake And don't let me think too long of what I'm 'bout to face Show me love, show me love, show me love

Matrix is taking fucking forever to reindex and deal with keys and shit. It will be better tomorrow

TL;DR Fuck computers and fuck their satan spawn horse shit. We’ll have at worst flat 8 hours down tomorrow starting around 10-12pm while I relocate the equipment.


With modern servers you run a special operating system called a hypervisor. In our case it’s ESXi. This operating system manages the resource allocation (ram, network, CPU) and acts as a broker\sheriff between multiple other machines(guests) that it manages. When you have more than one you want a way to unify management so you don’t have to go to multiple places to control the guests or the hosts. The software suite that manages this for us is vmWare.

Last night around ~2:30-3:00 I got a notification saying that the front end for the management system. vmWare vSphere was offline. I got home and sure as shit it was.

What I’ve come to realize over the last ~30-40 minutes is I probably fucked it up irreparably during troubleshooting when the problem was that it had lost connection to an NTP server and that time skew was what was preventing the services from coming up. I reregistered some service endpoints and recreated some certificates to do so. When the time skew was fixed services broke hard and I’m already at the end of my rope.

I delayed moving out by a day, basically just grinding the last 36 hours in between moving and cleaning and getting rid of all kinds of shit, and I have absolutely no choice but to at least tear down the old management system and bring it to two standalone hosts. This is probably going to take me another 4 hours.

I have to do this, and why I stopped moving my whole life is because in the sites design I leveraged something called a distributed switchport in order to have a software defined link aggregation group to go between the servers and the storage. This substantially increases performance. The only problem is that without vCenter server to tell the individual servers how to make their network switch function (at boot) the systems won’t know how to turn on the other computers. So this means if I power off the server I will have to do a substantial amount of work to even get to where I will be before I go to bed.

Anyway. My whole room is empty. I still have to wash the floors. This was me all day today.

lol, thanks dude. I got it though.

You reach out to companies who own them if you have lots of money or you reach out to a company such as Pure Voltage which is a company that essentially sublets racks, half racks, and quarter racks in leading datacenters for cheep.

Safe harbor makes it so if someone posts CP and we as a community and me as a site owner take meaningful steps to remove the content I don’t go to jail.

If you bring out a draedel the number it lands on is the number of rounds that go into the revolver for involuntary roulette.

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Nothing is going to touch me. I’m getting a 12v Cummins in there, fully carbureted with a turbo and a supercharger (fuck injection and ECU’s) I’m then putting in an ARB air locking diff and an allison transmission. Firestone air-bag suspension with a 6" lift and yeah… Fuck around find out vehicle.

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