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WTF. This was not a second or fifth Tuesday. I’ll have to read it a bit later today.


Enjoy your week off. Sorry to hear about yet another tragic boating accident.

lol 300 bucks. I’m sure people buy them though

What a great song. I only knew it as a rolling stones song for way too long. I discovered the original by playing a video game. I think the game was Mafia.

They quit using it because it was lethal via suffocation if you got a face shot…

I knew the shotgun stuff had to be coming with how jazzed you have been with them lately.

You got a really good deal on that 590 if I remember right.

I think I spent a bit over 300 bucks for my left handed 500 persuader. I have learned that I prefer shooting right handed shotguns more from it. It can be kind of nice to actually see the cases being ejected

I wouldn’t mind an 870. I might get one someday but I got a 500 which I think is a bit more reliable but not by a significant margin.

Good read. I fell asleep early last night

I’m going to guess taurus judge

I think you may be right

It’s also a 22lr by the looks of it.

I have no idea what the point of it was. Lighter clothes guy hasn’t even mastered kneeling yet let alone kneeling and shooting

A takedown rifle is probably more space efficient as well.

They make the lifecard 22 pistol as well which I think is kind of neat. They seem to be into gimmicky stuff

I just think the p90 is a really good choice for a home defense situation. The fs200 would be a better apocalypse gun for sure.

The p90 is a light option that has 50 rounds which can be fired while shouldered or one handed. The 5.7 also won’t penetrate walls as much as 556/223 depending on the ammo type. Everyone has different needs for a defense gun so I’m not saying it is the best choice but it is a pretty darn good one if you can afford it.

ah, thanks for the context. To be fair the ak set up is a bit cringe. Red dot and vertical fore grip would be the way to go for an ak.


Are you one of those AK purists that thinks AKs should be left in their stock configuration?

I was aware that China had made their own AK but I knew nothing about it. Nice article as per usual.

So do most of them have the folding stock then?

It’s still kind of sad that they couldn’t make something more unique but at least they made it more accurate.