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looks like it’s pumped to shit

No one trusts you anymore, because you have made it clear it is YOUR site. Users are there for YOUR personal gratification. We aren’t your trained monkeys.

that’s a bit rich coming from SBBH, don’t you think?

what did he do to you, my angel?

okay leftist

that’s a convoluted way to say i’m not in his head, we’ll see about that, he already banned me from carl today.

sums up all the losers on there, gabara is missing from it though, that was taken earlier

set it up with MBR and let windows fuck it all up when you least expect it

the chink reich

That’s white trailer park trash shit.

but what if he becomes an hero in front of an at&t building?

i think his is an RV but wasn’t following it much

boobs is doing the same, does that mean we should go to poal?

and why is he not a carl mod yet

who’s that faggot

The bannings increase

just like in this sub, the beatings will continue until morale improves

atko is actually the bogdanoff’s, puttitout didn’t take the call, this is the result.

give me 200 pushups stat, faggot!

atko left early on, as a bosnian muslim immigrant he didn’t identify with voat culture

hey my name is on there