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Native was active again on Poal in the last few months at least.

It’s the jokes that do them in.

One scale of how drunk how drunk?

Do you think it would make any difference if I told Voat Deuce that @gabara@preview.goatpen.co was @itsgettingcloser and @thelma5000@preview.goatpen.co the whole time?

What do you do with it?

It is the only way. Try calling him “sport”.

Please maek friends with too he means no harm beyond your early death

And they smell exactly the same

Are you dead now?

My son came out of the closet today

God damn, I had no idea how much he hates the British. I guess we let him read too much about the Revolutionary War. He fucking hates them with passion beyond his years. …

The word filter should stay

It only shines a light onto how silly the entire premise is. …

Shadowbans are bad, m’kay?

Read this thread, you fucks. It won’t take but a minute. Who will be the first to sue?..

Ducklo... wooo-ooooh

Biden spox TJ Ducklo resigns less than a month into the presidency. …