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They give him good advice and stuff?

Of course I knew this. He also has other positive qualities.

Damn, that bullshit makes me miss the old place.

Squirrel Nut Zippers are the best from the 90’s swing revival. Here’s one if you aren’t familiar:


Whoa, this is pretty modern for you, cof!

Admins can post whatever they want, and regular users once you get to 1k karma

What you are saying and what the report says are two different things, are they not? According to the k-jizz article you posted they are polar opposites.

Look you fucking marico you can take your refugee friends and go embed images of peace anywhere you like, and


You don’t think there is any interest in destabilizing the United States by pitting citizens against each other? What better way than FUD.

It’s FUD all the way down.

There are also so many many more little reasons to push things like, let’s say, colloidal silver. Or ask yourself why are we even really looking at ivermectin if we already have the azith/hydroxychloroquine/vitamin cure? Do you really think people would just go on the internet and lie?

The money and power in geopolitics dwarfs the money and power in healthcare

My pleasure. Although were I @gabara I might take offense.

can you think of a motive for intentionally doctoring data


They got rid of that guy

Is this even you

Russian “opposition candidate” claims two other guys legally changed their names, registered as candidates, and mimicked his appearance to siphon votes. …

My wife told me I need to get in touch with my feminine side.

So I stopped talking to her for 3 days. And whenever she asked me what was wrong I said, “Nothing… it doesnt matter,” and then I went out and crashed the car …

Instagram “influencers” get sweet pay per click deals. The Crimpton Foundatiom never gave us 85 cents per shillings!..

Favourite bee sting remedies?

Does anything actually work? Macerated plantain is good in the immediate term, but the effect seems to subside almost as quickly as it’s removed. …