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is it all going to be Japanese with subtitles, or English dubbed?
I personaly prefer the dubbed versions, simply because i find it easier to appreciate the art of the animation. Reading subtitles i seem to miss a lot of the animation.

Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?
Miss leading title. The main guy only picks up one girl in the dungeon, and by pick up i mean rescue.
It a neat series, very much like an RPG. Animation is good, the dubbed version (the only version i watched) has pretty good voice acting. It’s got some dark gritty episodes, dealing with slave trade, or forced prostitution, but also light harted silly comedy.

Can you imagine they use saline solutions instead of the covid vaxine and end up only killing removed, and all whites survive :D

dam she’s ugly. She has an ugly face.

Off course i can’t find sources right now. What i found is, it depends at what stage of shut down the nuclear plant is. If the plant was shut down for more than a few days, for maintenance for example, it would take a few days to start producing power again. Which is why nuclear plants are generally used for base load.
But even if it only takes a hour, it’d be pretty stupid to not have power for an hour. Shut down factories, sit in the dark, no traffic lights for a hour just because there is suddenly no wind.

For every wind farm built, there needs to be a backup power plant with the same capacity on standby for when there is no wind. Unfortunetly, power plants can not be just turned on by the flick of a switch.
Coal power needs several hours to fire up. The fire needs to be lit, the water takes time to get up to temperature, the turbines need time to ramp up. And keeping them on “idle” burns almost the same amount of coal as when operating normally.
Nuclear Power plants take days to ramp up or down.
Hydro dams are the only power source that can be turned on relativly quickly. But Germanys hydro capacity is already maxed out with very little room for expansion. Turning those to stanby power plants would require other power plants to take over that capacity.

yup. Fox do scream like that.

that is a very neat site you linked. Thank you!

I thought this was satire, but no. it is a real thing and still going on today in some places.

that joke never gets old.

Aren’t both “protected” by Cloudflare?

Looking around, kind of looks like america did just that.

declare Independence from the English, but still use their measuring system.

I just spend $250 on flower seeds.

Over half of that is for wild flowers. I have some empty land, that so far is just grassy land, i want to ad some colour with some wild flowers native to the area. I found a local suplier of wild flower seeds. Some of the seeds are aperantly of endagered species, so not only do i ad colour, i also h…

Last year in September after that disgusting cuties movie was released on netflix, people called for boycotts. i remember some posts on voat how their stock was crashing. well i check their stock today. They are doing fine with slow and steady growth.