I’m a 50 foot tall kaiju from Monster Island.

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Is that some how co-related to also having a government that’s three times more tyrannical then every other government in the world combined?

You know they say all men are created equal but you look at me and you look at Samoa Joe and you can see that statement is not true see normally if you go one on one with another wrestler you got a 50/50 chance of winning but I’m a genetic freak and I’m not normal so you got a 25% AT BEST chance to beat me then you add Kurt Angle to the mix your chances of winning drastically go down, see the three way at Sacrifice, you got a 33 and third chance of winning but I… I got a 66 and 2/3 chance of winning cuz Kurt Angle KNOWS he can’t beat me and he’s not even gonna try so Samoa Joe you’re taking 33 and third chance minus my 25% chance and you’ve got an 8 and a third chance of winning at Sacrifice but then you take my 75 percent chance of winning if we used to go one-on-one and then add 66 and 2/3 percent I got 141 and 2/3 chance of winning at sacrifice! Senior Joe the numbers don’t lie and they spell disaster for you at Sacrifice!

Horses are gay. We Lion riders.

Women can stop rape…

I’m better than you and you know it.

Can you believe what they were going to do with Adam Cole? Make him a cowardly manager for Keith Lee and change his name because Michael Cole already has that last name. And HHH was just hospitalized with a heart attack. A man literally on the cover of fitness magazines. Probably because Vince slaughtered NXT.

It needed to start with a 2. 21 to 29 is believable at this point.

But they aren’t making it remotely believable.

How does he even have that much? WTF?

The Glory of Goatpen is Forever!

At the end of the day, it’s perfectly legal to have sex with someone that consented, even if they then went on to consensually put themselves in unnecessary risk to enhance their pleasure.

“If he was guilty, you would be responsible for so many raeps!”