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There’s no such thing as Q level clearance in the context the original post made. It was from an episode of Archer. Q Anon is a cringy ripoff.

I found evidence that not only is Q Anon a fraud, but also quite cringe.

In the February 19, 2015 episode of of the TV series Archer, “Nellis”, Archer makes a big deal that he has “Q level clearance”. In Q Anon’s original message he said the same thing. He copied an episode of Archer. …


Yeah. It’s actually worse than Poal. Comments get fucking deleted for no reason! The identity of the site owner “system” is a big mystery but it’s becoming clear it might be TheOldOnes

HOLY SHIT! He get’s to sit at the head of the table in Vallhalla!

Do you grow poppies like him?

The Russians stole it in the Battle of Los Angeles and they are always showing up in Canada with it and are like “look what we still have” and we all try not to laugh and then break down in a deep hardy belly laugh.

Just Russian-Canadian things.

This one time at bible camp me the boys and dial where out fishing and we saw the girls camp, We canoed over and start talking to the girls, Then Dial suddenly came down with a bout of explosive diarrhea and shat so much that the waters around the girls changed color, Thankfully she tried to swim away and directed it at them or we would have been covered in shit too.