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This argument isn’t even coherent.

But company execs, by and large, do not. The asshole is really nice to them, and he’s a talented guy, and if the lower ranks find him tough to work for, well, kids these days, entitled, am I right? And so they hurt themselves in the long term by driving out or traumatizing talent, because they see a short-term gain in letting the supposedly brilliant asshole continue doing his thing.

I hope this burns a lot of execs and costs important people money, just like I’ve hoped with Paizo, and with ActiBlizzard, and everywhere else in the gaming industry. Until it starts costing execs and shareholders more to ignore the problem than to fix it, they will always kick that can down the road.

It sounds like the author of the post isn’t even aware of what they’re saying. If it’s not costing the company money, then it was a GOOD decision that made them money. It sounds like the author is hoping this decision they personally dislike results in bad things for the company, because they are upset by it, and are therefore assuming it was a bad decision.

Which companies did this and had negative effects from it?

this is why we need government

who would throw away healthy food if not the employees paid for with our money they took from us using other employees paid to take our money

yes theyre so brave in their quest for truth

no what theyre just impartial reporters of truth

Black women do not have hair, they have wool.

Every single black woman with normal looking hair you have ever seen in your entire life buzzed her scalp, then sewed on a wig into the corn rows.

This wig is made by taking the hair of muslim slaves in Chinese internment camps.

I’m not exaggerating in the slightest.

I’m glad things are getting worse for them.

i have a foldy plastic one but the metal collapsy ones are even cooler

dude yes

i did that twice

donated blood to myself lol

deffo get some good meat in you

dude its pretty chilly today

no sun and i like it

im gonna eat a cheeseburger in a little bit

then this evening is dnd on a new night

yeah thats him

yes thank you i have been on the internet for a while now lol

dude thats pretty bs

i have bad news about your chickens virginity

i read the usda defines a sandwich as at least 35% cooked meat and no more than 50% bread

so that automatically eliminates anything vegan from even being legally allowed to the name sandwich lol

No details whatsoever. It’d be better if we had any facts to judge this on.

nah her handwriting on the cardboard sign was way different

"I'm a bit unsteady atm..."

I’m a bit unsteady atm - I don’t usually get overcome by…whatever just from a pretty face and tits but she is a smokeshow. I’m pretty proud of being unflappable when women are concerned - I’d lose the game to this one. …

raising canes

why the fuck do you need my name IN THE FUCKING DRIVE THROUGH …