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tactical tictac

i just wanted to say it

Which is itself a tragic failure of the educational system. It’s a crucial part of so many disparate fields… biology, aeronautics, engineering…

Have fun!

ejection seats are illegal because the atf thinks youre buying squadrons of fighter jets just to sneak in 600 grams of explosive

im talking smack instead of watching where im flying

if i crash and die itll have been worth it tho

because men cant cook and it disproves their whole mental illness because they still cant cook when in drag

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youre gonna like my angry food trann­­y

Elephants, the largest animals alive today, weigh 8 tons. 8 x 134% is 10.72 tons.

The brachiosaur weighed 54 tons, and wasn’t even the largest dinosaur.

I think your moon theory is inadequate to explain it.

this whole sub smells like a carlbox

Sure, the Square-Cube law.

You can build a house with concrete for walls, but you better add a bunch of reinforcement if you want to make a skyscraper. The concrete can’t support that much weight, even if you make it thicker. Bones behave the same way. The strength is outpaced by the increasing mass. That’s why an elk doesn’t move as gracefully as a whitetail. Their bones are disproportionately heavier to support their heavier mass.

Yes, absolutely.

Bone strength increases with cross-sectional area (two dimensions), but volume (and therefore mass) increases in three dimensions. Things get heavier faster than they get stronger as you go up in size.

A mouse can fall off a countertop and run away, even though that’s ten or twenty times its height up. A man falling 50 or 100 feet is lucky to live.

Paleontologists calculated masses for dinosaurs like the brachiosaurus, but have had to revise it to ridiculously lower estimates because they realize their original numbers were so high the dinosaurs’ ankles would crush.

all i know is using your hand like a puppet is redacted

you just wait

its a series and i have evidence for all of it

im glad you like it

because youre going to be seeing quite a few of these now

at that short a range that hill is gon get tore up lol

dumb comment i just saw

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