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No, not all. I think I remember seeing that now on the Console Wars documentary.

Most news articles now are most just quoting what was on twatter.

Biden* is a safe and effective president.

Never seen it! What does it go to/who made it?

I forgot he was a jew. Hope I don’t get punished.

Has anyone uploaded photos from one of these flights taken with a camera without a fish-eye lens?

New to me too and like you, not surprised.

I do, plus it will give me something to post to v/playboy.

I’ll try to make some more posts later. I miss gabara too. All the cool kids left and didn’t tell me where they went again.

Most of the anon posts are him. He even makes anon posts pretending to be me making anon posts.

@WORF_MOTORBOATS_TROI did you see this yet?

This Is Star Trek Now

I don’t watch this show, I read about it here (was posted to dot win): …

Are you sure his page taken down totally before? He may have been just denied access to it.

edit: it has been up the entire time, this is fake news PoopMaster4000


And I was right about yet another dial (gay) alt.

I accused them of the same but they denied it up and down. Both Barack_Obama and Hey_Guys_Whats_Up are dial alts.

Tutanota has been great for me. Highly recommend it.

Missed you while you were gone. I unbanned you.

Ah good, thanks for letting me know. I was honestly concerned.

I thought he was really back. 8 days now.

When did anonymous become a tool of the liberals? All their recent targets have been conservatives. I bet they are getting three-letter-agency help.

ALS stalks me here

He posted a recent comment of mine from here on talk’s chat earlier today. He must be putting together another gigapixel infographic on me. I’m sad to report that ALS also determined fightknightHERO is a pedo now. …