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but the crazy thing is the plane can actually fly with only one blade

That is pretty crazy, and cool! Is there less prop noise?

I assume the bladeless end is weighted. Why would they do this though, it would obviously reduce thrust?

Awesome work! By your wording I thought you modified the helmet - the adapter is the way to go though, perfect. I looked online for adapters to be sold but didn’t see any, you’d figure there’d be a market for those.

If you got your hands on a spare male plug they use you could have also made an adapter. Looks like it is a U-174 plug. I take it it not only handles stereo audio but also a microphone. Can you still use the mic after the mod?

Now you can go faster!

A jogger named Jacob Zuma was recently sentenced to 15 months in prison & he d1ndu nuffin!

If you do a “news” search with his name on the search engine of your choice you will find more info about him & what is going on in South Niggerland.

edit: today I learned D I N D U is a no-no word here - WTF!?!?

If they wore their pants correctly instead of showing off their underwear those beatings would hurt less.

Sweet, did you teach yourself these new skills? I learned almost nothing valuable from formal education, everything I value has been self-taught. Modding stuff to bypass limitations imposed by manufacturers is the best.

Haven’t gotten into HAM radio though.

Backwards scope, vertical video, jean shorts. Gayest video I have seen all month, and this was pride month!

Tragic failure indeed. I got 2+ years into getting an engineering degree and I have never heard of this before.

I hope you called the amber-lamps and got that taken care of.

what a sweet gift idea

No I haven’t watched any of Discovery or Picard, and don’t plan to. I read some of Andrew Anglin’s writeups of Picard to know enough about what the storyline is. Seems pretty dumb, and not the Star Trek I know.

I have watched all of The Orville which I thought was great and very Trekkie. Looking forward to the next season.