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Mind = blown

Though my brother has a cat and a roomba and the cat doesn’t play with it. Maybe it gets too much stimulation from going outside to hunt rats and poop in the shrubbery to get excited about a robotic floor whirler


Also wtf is with the girls in the audience screaming like they’re at a beatles concert in the 60’s?

If you were surprised by Trump then you were paying too much attention to leftist media and all their bullshit about “dog whistles”. He did pretty much what he said he was going to do.

I would call that a stretch because “inspired by” seems to imply a more direct copy than is the case. You could say it was an influence and that the wii-u controller evolved from the dreamcast design. The joysticks are necessary because gamers are used to controls schemes that use them from the xbox and playstation. A case could also be made that the Game Boy and Game Gear inspired the Wii U controller.

Claiming that Hungarians are not white is silly unless you believe that only people descended from ancient Germanic and Celtic bloodlines qualify as white.

Why is she pretending like she’s resting her arms on those sticks? It’s obvious they’re way too spiky to e comfortable for her to rest her weight on them. it’s an awkward photo

a good solid rotation

Woot I appreciate your unintentional baseball reference!

That makes a lot more sense. The bullying story was obvious bs from the beginning

That looks like fun. I wonder if one side of their stomach gets visibly more muscular than the other side since they always do it in the same directions. Maybe should invent a double-edged scythe so that people can just swing back and forth constantly with every step like some kind of crazed whirling dervish and mow through the grass faster

Pigs are scavengers and will eat pretty much anything. In the wild they’ll eat dead rotting animals that they find. They’ll eat rotting moldy fruit and vegetables. On farms they happily eat the excess milk that has gone sour and eggs that have gone rotten. They will eat the feces of other animals who have a less efficient digestive system than pigs do.

Leaving the non-organic packaging in there grind for them to eat is bad but the food stuff that’s in there isn’t surprising because their bodies are built for consuming rot off the forest floor.

A shanty is a shitty little shack-like dwelling. You have to specify that it’s a sea shanty for it to mean a song and not a shitty little shack-like dwelling.

Can’t argue with ya there buddy 👍🏻

Wow I hadn’t heard about that. That’s messer up but I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised considering the kind of people who are in charge of the star trek franchise.

I don’t agree with everything the author said in this but it was an interesting article.

Dude what if we can put a rocket on an asteroid to redirect it to crash into another asteroid and then we can get some epic footage of it when they blow up and maybe we can collect some cool rocks from it

That was disgusting to listen to. “You must authorize facebook to control the people so that the people can be free!”

Remember, the old adage “I’m from the government and I am here to help you?” Well that’s way out of fashion. The new and improved version is “I am from the government, want a free bar of soap? Then just BEND OVER and pick it up.” What do these people do that actually helps us? …