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Maybe nodding with their heads while having a sign language conversation is like interrupting the other person

Oh wait can deaf people have conversations at like a million words a second because they don’t have to worry about talking over each other since you signing at the other person doesn’t inhibit their ability to understand your signs? I guess that could be cool.

You’re not a real man unless you shave your balls with a straight razor.

You’re also not a real man anymore if someone startled you while you were shaving your balls with a straight razor.

Yeah it’s a solid scifi show as long as you don’t expect it to feel like the other star trek series. It’s like halfway between stargate sg-1 and TOS.

They cry, then they get angry and take it out by getting into a slapfight with their gf, then the two of them cry together. Then they decide they hate pickles for being too phallic so they write protest letters to vlasic.

Toilet sundaes for memorial day sounds like some kind of commie hippie pacifist art project

Their nipples were constantly visibly pointy. The show did it on purpose for attention and it worked. A fair argument could be made that jennifer aniston owes her entire career to it. She couldn’t act her way out of a paper bag, but she could definitely carve her way out with her razor sharp nips.

Example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jiviIyCLjAM

Blumen is a solid guy in my book

Also the iced n1ps. Pretty sure jennifer aniston and courtney cox in friends were the ones who made that mainstream

I want to start a QuailCoin crypto currency and use the proceeds to build a giant quail farm. Each QuailCoin will be backed by hard assets - specifically, the right to trade in your QuailCoins to me and receive a shipment of fertilized quail eggs through the usps.

This combination of crypto and hard-asset backing will bring both the goldbugs and the crypto fanatics. Soon every municipality will have suburbs full of backyard quail farmers and all those quail will massively reduce the mosquito population, which is really my ultimate goal for this scheme.

I wonder if there are woke apparel companies out there that sell bikini tops paired with banana hammocks

Stand-on mowers are for people getting paid to mow so they have to be in a position that maximizes their efficiency and field of view. Ride-on mowers are for people who are getting drunk while they mow so they have to be in a position that minimizes the chance of injury if/when they pass out.

That must be it because many of the signs start with “hey girl”. I guess I’m out of the meme-loop!

I promise to buy an old vineyard and then I will get a couple goats and feed them all of the grape vines.