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Yes. I’m saying someone ripped off the Muppet Babies when they made Rugrats.

The show’s formats copied each other exactly. Tommy is Kermit. They never thought we’d find out.

Same. It’s okay.

Looks like a simulation of something that occurred on both TOS and TNG.

I do actually have some hope for Star Trek: Strange New Worlds.

But there’s also some shitty CG kid’s Star Trek series coming out soon that looks barf.

Yeah, some of us went in after this and tortured him a bit.

Taco Bell shadowbanned my online order account after I cussed out a manager :(

Digestion as a shared task?

I’m not going to caption this. Or look at it twice.

They didn’t even have the entrepreneurship to be drug mules.

You sound like such a hero, standing up to them like that.

He got shitcanned after allegedly jacking off in a straight porn theater. Also, the police report is sketchy as fuck. It states Reubens was masturbating with his left hand. However, Reubens is right-hand dominent.

A new Pee-Wee movie was made a couple years ago.

And actally, The Tick is one of the best comedy series I’ve seen in years. Edit: Nevermind, that was an Amazon original.

So I've found a new way to enjoy myself.

I put out fake glowing resumes on job sites. Not too over the top, just good enough to get offers without having to apply. …