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How are you making out? Is the insanity just making things worse, or is it a chance to do some cleaning up?

Was 113F in Furnace Creek earlier. The hunt for the death valley Germans is an interesting read if you like maps, obsessions, and foreigners doing strange things.

We knew what you meant, but were just fucking with you as an excuse to bump your post.

The baseline temperature of outer space, as set by the background radiation from the Big Bang, is 2.7 kelvins (−270.45 °C; −454.81 °F).

Anyway, I’m just happy to live in a place where the average summer temperature is mid 70s. Currently 76F at 2:36 pm. And note that I’m only 35 feet ASL.


This is an 8 minute walk. The inland dwellers come to the beach to temporarily escape the excessive heat in their locations.

I paused to check the distance, and you beat me to it.

Needs qualification. That is true for near-earth altitudes, but quickly loses accuracy as the distance increases. For example, at certain locations at an altitude of 94.497 million miles, the temperature is quite high.

That’s really going to cut into the milage he was expecting from those shoes.

I’ve been watching a lot of Leakreality and was hoping they were about to scrape him off on that signpost near the end.

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Was someone offended?

I still miss the ridiculousness of QRV. Everything from the RANDOMNESS of their capitalized WORDS to those jewish math posts by serialbrain2.

Would be weirder if the toilet were in use. But in the realm of toilet danger, sewer rats and sewer snakes are pretty far up there. They apparently come up right under your genitals while you’re sitting there. Although you probably need to be living in some ancient hell hole like cities on the east coast, with plumbing made from old burrito wrappers.

The best quality sauerkraut is fermented for a minimum of 14 days with 21 being even better. This time span ensures good flavor development, proper acidity level, and complete consumption of all the sugars in the cabbage.

That, and it depends on how strong you like it. It keeps in the fridge for a long time.

Sauerkraut is extremely easy to make. Use a recipe to pick up tips on the whole process, but essentially chop cabbage, add salt (which makes it weep), then squish it down into a quart jar after a bit.

The cabbage liquid should end up covering the cabbage. Add a bit of water if it doesn’t. Glass weights for the top of the jar can help keep your material submerged. I have some fermentation lids for wide mouth quart jars, but you could just cover it with a cloth or paper towel.

Easy peasy, and super cheap. Add things like hot peppers or dill for interesting variations.

I’ve made sauerkraut with jalapenos, but haven’t tried making kimchi. Looks just as easy, but with different ingredients.

Turn around now. They’re still fully onboard with the covid hoax, and would literally make you wear a mask to get on the plane.

Do you buy or make your kimchi?

BTW, I’m still here in spirit even, when this tab gets lost in my sea of tabs with no identifiers.

Uh, oh. I might have said some things that got saidit.net taken down. (?)

But I’m going to blame it on that admin (teenage boy pretending to be a girl) who posted a collection of quotes he attributed to my account, and threatened to report me to the FBI, because this could get our site taken down. Well, especially if you make a list of ‘violations’ for the convenience …