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If you can run, it’s an even better landing!

If they were serious about the covid, this whole thing wouldn’t be such a blatantly evil clown show.

Breed more goats? (goasts?)

It’s not exactly a content-rich site, and is more like a goatpen for ex voaters. That’s not super-compelling for people who didn’t spend years on voat. They mainly go to talk.lol, poal.co, communities.win, and saidit.net.

No great ideas at the moment, which probably means I’m not a builder.

We can all show up at Squish’s place in Puna. But there is that little problem of having to take the poison pill to fly.

Females go insane too easily. Sure don’t miss that shit.

“It’s the middle of the night and you’re so tired you can’t even keep your eyes open, so we need to discuss all your deficits and failures right now!”

Same. Used to be 0% removed when I moved here, but at least it’s still under 2%. Plenty of removed though.

The preeminent cure for idle hands irl is internet drama.

The magnets smashing together was pretty cool.

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Feel free to self-terminate. Not you, OP.

I think one of the first mentions of votal I saw was about users getting banned. That initial surge of activity made it seem like a potentially useful site, but with some turmoil in the admin and mod categories. Activity seems to have fallen off quite a bit.

Dot win has the same problems, but so far they seem to be keeping it mostly under control.

With goatpen gold, the ki​ked slur filter is disabled ret​arded.

It would probably be the latter. But it’s been lying out there for 25 years, so it might need a bit of touching up.

In recent years, I’ve occasionally wondered if they’re still there, and what condition they might be in. What is a 70s AR-15 with an operable selector switch worth in 2021?

Wart removal is mutilation, as are many other surgeries. In this new political definition, fingernails and facial hair are the most mutilated body parts.

The Chorna, Chyornaya or Chorhun, which translates from the Ukrainian and Russian as “Black River”, is a small river in Crimea. Its length is 34.5 km, before emptying into the Sevastopol Bay.

Nutjob confirmed, eh? lol

Wait, you looked? :o So what do you think? Biggest dick you’ve seen?

There’s a johnson joke in there somewhere. Johnson was a massive dick compared to him.

I saw her “I’m back” video on youtube, and believe it. She’s pretty good at that weirdo act she has. And given the vast numbers of failed men these days, purchasing a ‘girlfriend experience’ on onlyfans is how they can have a relationship.

Which is more unbelievable? That a sex chick makes $11 million per month from lonely guys on the internet, or that a bunch of goatfuckers defeated the US military and captured billions of dollars worth of military weapons and equipment?

All relationships are technically true, since we are all one. Or at least that’s what my Dr. Bronner’s soap bottle tells me.

Uh, oh. I might have said some things that got saidit.net taken down. (?)

But I’m going to blame it on that admin (teenage boy pretending to be a girl) who posted a collection of quotes he attributed to my account, and threatened to report me to the FBI, because this could get our site taken down. Well, especially if you make a list of ‘violations’ for the convenience …