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The way they’ve dragged their feet on raising the minimum wage? It won’t be. Never mind that the rest of business salaries haven’t kept up with inflation.

Thing is, it won’t be the same percentage. They’ll pay it anyway.

Maybe. Context is crucial to a lot of what I write, though. Being able to hop between chapters to see how different topics connect…

I mean… I guess? I recently posted a snippet of my book on the .win sites. I should probably flesh out the chapter a bit more. I just get discouraged any time I go to add anything else to the book, because I feel it’s already “too long” for people to read.

Any woman can, at any time, and with no legal requirements divorce you, take half your possessions, and ensure you never see your children again. A momentary flight of fancy on her part is enough. It’s not about an individual’s failure or successes, it’s about the systemic issues which allow her to jail you if she wishes (or simply if her friends tell her you’re not good enough).

Note that I’m not against marriage, either. It’s just that there statistically aren’t any women left who will maintain one.

Hopefully there’s only one.

It also tracks everything you do, like every other engine.

Who gives a fuck. You think we care what has to say? What will they do about it? Nothing. Will anyone kill the flight attendants enforcing this? No. Will they kill the corporate executives? No. Will they kill the government? No. Nothing is happening.

I’ve said nothing about you whatsoever. The article is a fraud.

You’re making my point for me. There will be no “revolt” in any form, figurative or otherwise.

I can’t fathom you actually believing this.

Except Texas bans you from receiving employment or federal funds at all if you don’t worship jews. Try again.

Reminder that the legal response to what they did is to hang them from lampposts. Reminder that no one will punish them in any way, shape, or form.

Nope. It’s one of those times when I’m saying what will happen because we’ve already seen legal precedent of this exact suit in other places.

Also because that’s how the ZOG works.

Also because I’m not mentally defective, a Q-LARPer, or a Trump supporter. But I repeat myself.

There’s that theory that anime craniofacial morphology follows the Jomon/Yaoyi separation in Japan, with all the bad guys having the Chinese head shape and all the good guys having the Ainu/European head shape.

So, you know… there’s that.

The political one. He went out like a little bitch.