Swing la bacaisse dan’l fond d’la boite à bois!

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I just downloaded the whole series, merely 50gb.

That’s for when I tinker in the shop.

hmm, hand gesture controlled? I’d be stepping into another budget bracket on that project, lol.

Maybe I’ll try and make it so it can be motorized at a later time.

wait until you see the articulated arm!

You mean why didn’t I just buy a KVM switch?

Well first of all, screw running new wires through freshly plastered walls, also fuck seeing exposed wires, lol.

The pc is on the mezzanine & the shop is the first floor, I’m making an articulated arm to support my setup on one of the 4 support columns (So monitor, pi, amp & speakers all in one neet little package) & the only wire coming out will be a 120V plug.I want to move it around as needed with a quick connect on those columns.

There were other options but this one requires light programming & configuration, soldering, welding & low voltage electrical work so it really peeked my interest as a winter project.

A little project I’ve been working on, I was looking for a simple way to stream movies & music from my desktop to my workshop. A buddy of mine gave me a Pi Zero W and said “Here, have fun”… so I gave myself a crash course (this shit is simple as fuck really once you’ve spent hours on forums lookin…

Almost… well at least the tail dipped in it during thaw season. The previous owner died & it was left there over winter. It’s a 1946 fleet 80 canuck, one of only 9(?) remaining.


His name was Dial

Got to make new chromoly tubes & light holders for the wing tips & theres bodywork to do on the leading edge (?) aluminum sheet metal.

he’s been an independent residential contractor since he finished high school kind of guy.

KeK, he’s a few years younger than me. He also has a hot Italian gf who can cook up a storm, he’s fucking rolling.

not making… just fixing some major structural parts :)

It’s the same one!

After all the covid delays the body is just now getting the fabric done at the engineers hangar so my customer had room to bring the wings in.

No but we have lots of removed immigrants.

Cool stuff

Doesn’t look like it’s too hard to manufacture, anybody with a basic metal shop could make these & get super innovative with the contents of the warhead. Did you by pure happenstance happen to learn anything about the propellants used?

Did the database really get hacked or it’s jusr a larp?

I’m on mobile & it was slow as fuck to post but that could be on my side obviously.

Does it load properly for anyone else?