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But they were able to survive because the gravitational pull of the moon compensated for their insufficient bone mass thereby enabling their undersized bones to carry 34% more weight than normal. True story.

It’s the new “poal”. It will get better after system finds his angel investor and shuts down the new voat.

If trees take in carbon dioxide and then release oxygen, doesn’t that make oxygen “tree shit”? We would be better off inhaling pure carbon dioxide instead of plant fecal gases.

So you think they are milking a 4 week program?

You have to see the vid at catbox.moe. It only seems to post a pic here on this page.

I like to take my ham radio to the local Starbucks. I go there so often that they have a cute little nickname for me. When I walk thru the front entrance it is only a matter of seconds before I hear one of the staff say, “Hey, that asshole with the ham radio is here again.”

Speaking of jokes, check out this punchline.

Removed the removed of the removed removed. Then removed the removed again for removing the removed stuff of removals. This removed did all the sense of removed till finally it removed the removed removed once again!!!

can you see the pic? I can’t see it…

I thought you might like that one better than this one.

On Ripley’s Believe It Or Not.

I’m sure it was well worth it to get their faces on the internet.

I can’t remember ever seeing a car break down in the drive-thru lane.