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Yeah but why do magnets work and why are the Mormons keeping it a secret?

We’ll allow it, but just this one time.

If it’s a double bed does that make it a threesome?

Yes true, my mistake. I need to get more adventurous, pre-apply for a Darwin award and start on methanol.

I’ve only tried Smirnoff so far, I’ll see if I can get that Ketel One down here.

I’ve been keeping it in the fridge, never considered the freezer, will try that, thanks :)

I’m not liking the taste very much but I like the end result.

Interesting, you reckon I should switch to ethanol?

After drinking bourbon for nearly 40 years I have switched to vodka

I can only do shots these days due to a fluid restrictive diet, but man, I’ve finally found something that doesn’t give me a hangover. Thank you, commie Russian bastards…

I can now officially confirm that it has been confirmed that I have posted complete shite.

I’ve given myself a must-try-harder award.

Nadesh mentioned that she met you irl. I love how SBBH brought a whole lot of people from all over the world together and some of you even met! Next thing I’ll be hearing is two of them marry or something…

I’ve always found the internet to be a very impersonal place but Voat was different and it’s the only place on the internet that made me feel close to other people despite the huge distances between us all.

Excuse the wall of text today, been a while since I saw you :)

I started off with the pentatonic scale positions then learned diatonic, then modes and circles of fifths, arpeggios etc and I finally understood relative major/minor and how they related.

Right now I’m learning to transpose (I think that was the word, maybe it was transcribe) and having a go at learning how to read music, not that I’ll really need to know that :)

I only played chords in the past, and only songs I’d spent a lot of time learning, now I can play along to just about anything I hear on the radio - stuff I’ve never even heard before - I can’t believe it’s me sometimes :)

I missed you and all the other mad buggers and was sorry to read of voats demise. I hope putts finds something to keep him busy that it doesn’t drive him as crazy as voat did.

Thanks for the update mate. There was a time when I thought you might be a Homer alt :)

Made you a mod here too buddy

I made you a mod here, XP. Now we wait for crensch ;)

Imma have to ban you from here, mang.

I’m giving me all the votes. Sorry about that.

Hope you are well, George, it’s really great to see you here and to see everyone else too.

I’ve spent the last year or so concentrating on my health and guitar theory. The theory has really made a difference to my playing enjoyment and how much I practice everyday. I feel like I avanced more in the last year than I did in the previous 17 of playing :)

Fuckin lol, benned already!