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No! This will not stand!

But what if I write a River shantie?

I would never give the powers above the pleasure of making me commit suicide.

I have pissed off some Celestial Diety

I have lost my family, my home, and ended up in a 5 car pile up on the interstate today smashed between two vehicles. Fuck. …

I know this webseries. It’s awful. I mean I still read it. But I felt so guilty.

I don’t care about all this. I just want to hug my son and my daughters.

There was a reason Thomas Payne wrote pamphlets. TLDR has always been a problem for the masses.

Is it possible to break it up into smaller sub-essays?

If he’d just answer my drunken midnight calls telling him I still love him so sure will. No homo.

Have you seen Gabara. I’ve been trying hard to find him. I’m worried.

Yeah. I’m living it. Did you ever finish that paper you were writing on women being the weak link in society?

Where has he gone I wonder.

I can be bitter. It’s my right. I did my best. But she threw me away.

Divorce is designed to destroy men and benefit women

Did you know?

  • there is a concept called Default Custody that automatically assumes the mother should be the custodial guardian of children?..