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People – even hard-core preppers – keep forgetting that various Acts and Executive Orders makes what’s yours the government’s to do with what it will during a state of emergency or martial law.
And I can guarantee you with as malicious as this government has become towards dissidents and free-thinkers, they would be more than happy to relieve you of those supplies to punish you for the sin of wanting to be free.
After all, one of commies’ favorite pastimes is starving people to death.

Welcome to the club. What was the first thing you did to commemorate your newfound freedom?
I went to the Friday night fish fry (not a fish sandwich and sides like the East coast would have you believe, but a real buffet) that 2nd shift had always denied me. That and weekends again with friends and family.
Anyway, congratulations, fren.

Look at Haiti, then look at the Dominican Republic.
Despite sharing the same island, one is successful and the other has been in various states of failure since they revolted against the French in 1791.
Just because they can’t run a nation doesn’t mean they deserve access to ours.

Says a lot about a people when even Democrats don’t want them.

Doesn’t matter.
Any challenges will take far longer than the deadline to wind their way through the courts – more so than most people’s finances would hold out.
How many businesses will preemptively comply to avoid being made an example by the Feds?
How many employees are likely to cave simply out of fear of bankruptcy and homelessness?
This is the strategy for unconstitutional measures you will see going forward: hit it hard and implement fast before any resistance can be mounted, then quietly concede once they’ve gotten their way, because there is no undoing the damage once it’s done.

Not gonna lie, that’s pretty catchy.
Speaking of, where has his autistic ass gotten off to, lately?

It really is a waste, considering the point of raw is to avoid thermal-denaturing of the various nutrients/enzymes.


It’s funny: I know those 2 words, but put together like that I have no idea what they mean

That’s what I figured.
I guess when you get to that level, it’s easier to add up the volume of the storage containers instead of going by weight.
I’d say you’re already ahead of the curve if you’re sans-refrigerator, too.

I looked it up and there’s 2 ways to do it.
Pretty straight-forward and simple.
Though, I’ll have to get some crusty bread if I wanna do it right.

Since you’re my favorite customer, I’ll even wear my hair net when cooking ;)

You’ve got the makings of a Philly cheese there in the first 3 ingredients, if you feel like using a porterhouse to that end.
If we’re going off only the list, then make a Philly cheese stuffed-Jack’s pizza rollover and then sit down with Donny and Marie as you eat it, look deep into their eyes, and ponder the life decisions that led to this point.

I’ve never been a fan of hops.
Bitterness jumps out at me too much.
Big reason why I don’t care for coffee.
But, if I came across something like that, I’d still give it a try.

DES MOINES — Gov. Kim Reynolds has signed legislation to eliminate a requirement that Iowans obtain a permit to acquire or carry handguns and loosen other state restrictions.

Advice Needed Concerning Growing Tobacco for Hummingbirds

I have a dear friend who is an adamant lover of hummingbirds and whose birthday is fast approaching. …