i’ll maybe stab you 🔪

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maybe in the future… still gotta build up a rep with u ppl, ta anyways

just a flesh wound, it’ll grow back : )

ill make it the third dinner during my first week back home in yours and scots honour :D

its okay, if you cut your tail off you can slide by as transhuman oO

Was surprised about the lumpiness of the beef. Normally we would, as it’s cooking like moosh it up so there is no clumps so it all cooks through but just browning is different plus skillet retains higher temps but yeah thank you : )

Okay well when ur ready to come out of the closet I’m sure people will be nice 😂😅

I hear they are also not kind to lizard brethren unless you subscribe to the adrenochrome

Is that recipe lost to time? Can haz plz if anyone saved before the downfall

Thought you were making a Q reference, it sounds about right

Very important question passed on to me by the cult of the lord: are you a lesbian?

glass half full, its to protect it from fading away like voat glass half empty… everything glows?

so being banned…i should watch my back for demented rapists? well chit…

Have fun… try not to eat all the popcorn this time😊

exactly… be creative with your cursing, figure out new ways instead of going for the same tired words

how else will you get non normie memes?