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BAH! Carl, the adorable fucking cat that replaced me… SURE I would totally mod there. Please imagine my eyes rolling.

Also thank ya on the intel regarding how to get around to figuring out how to curse on this fucking site. It makes little sense to me at this point. Where is Skittles, how the fuck did he get so used to this place?!

Ok… there is some sort of soft censorship here. I can’t say n!ggers in title? Can’t say it in body, either. Hmm…

I have never cared for changing IPs or VPNs. Still don’t use them or change them… I truly have nothing to lose so what’s the point trying to hide and to think it’s hiding us from the government… lol… I am now daily praying for rain. Praying that September isn’t another long month of fires…

I didn’t really start to pay attention to you until recently - fellow cat lover. I’m glad your kittens are doing better and better, hope you have started to mourn the others - don’t talk about my faith much but we are all fated to die on a particular day and time, all of us the animals included and regardless they were taken to a better place and were loved… Good way to go from this world, knowing you’re loved, wouldn’t ya say?

Shit I have an 8 year ginger who suckles blankets but he also rapes them too…

deleted by creator

It was meant for you and your hairy ass. ;)

You have amazing content - I need to visit here more often…

Hope you’ve been ok, and so have your kitties.

Mistakes were made, hopefully lessons will be learned. Whatever yall did, got his goat and he snapped. Everyone, even Putt, even the best imagined Leader, will fuck up. What’s the saying I love… Horse has four legs, and will still stumble.

Oooh I remember ShitstainTango LOL - fucker. Barely remember it, didn’t hurt my feelings enough. Gabara has a fucking wife, she can make his own sammichs xD.

That asmodea… wow. I poked fun at that thing joining the “I’m Turd” bandwagon until I quickly realized that she was truly unhinged. Hope she gets help.

I have no idea what System is doing, but yall gotta remember much like with PuttItOut - he is a human being trying to create something and then got shit all over and had no idea what to do or obviously how to cope with it. Mistakes have been made, lessons will hopefully be learned. I’m not entirely giving up on that place yet.

I’m starting to get this odd feeling the SBBH witch hunt may… Idk, may be a mixture of too much emotions on System’s part but also… now, a bit of trolling. Maybe. We shall see. I really hate this fucking drama too, though, and was hoping and I still am hoping that that site will continue to uphold that Voat Community we all grew to love.

You were a dick to me? I wouldn’t know - plus if it was on an alt… wouldn’t know.

Also, hey Turd! Gotta say… sorry about that drama that happened recently with a certain individual who is not mentally well… So odd it bled over to NuVoat…

Gabs admitted… not heavily vote manipulation like Dial did but a little… Just a tiny bit.

Dial is a fucking piece of shit and I am tired of him.

Hey man, so you’re on both sites? You know I believe I have a ShitPostLitterBox sub here… xD

I say I am real, so therefor I am.

Yes… real Kat. Not the same Kat years ago as I have grown and changed but, physically the same Kat.

She’s the sweetest, except with the dog - she is very Jewish like with him, cries out as she chews on his neck. Think someone once mentioned it may be a warcry…

Trying to figure this site out and it’s weird it won’t let me FUCKING curse. Lol…

All I want is peace, bro, some fucking peace - and all I know (and see personally) is whatever you and friends did pissed System the FUCK OFF like holy shit he had meltdown and snapped at me when I was like “Uhhh SBBH isn’t a threat… don’t blame all SBBH for the few members actions” (not at all verbatim)… I like that stupid site, and I give the owner a lot of patience (much like I give to a lot of you guys) to learn to be a “Site Owner of a Free Speech Forum” - he failed his “war” with you in mine opinion but whatever… I failed at deleting my acct, but it removed all my content so it was what I wanted until I figure what is going on with that site and if it’s going to stay true to the Voat Community. We will see, I am giving them time.

I don’t want to join a discord? Shit, bro, I remembered when you shitting all over MYG and his Discord servers long ago for being honeypots and easily hackable or whatever I don’t know shit about technology.

As far as I still know, the olive branch of having you back on voat.xyz is still there…

Dial is not going to last on that site, not if I have anything to do with it… and plus, Cynabuns has noticed the way he is a creep towards me. Rumor has it… he’s being used. He got his account banned twice today (24 hour ban) for spamming chat, they know he is a fucking piece of shit. They also know you are not a fucking piece of shit… just a big pain in the ass when you got an axe to grind. Which is something I admire about you.

I’ll try and visit here more often, post a few shit…

So does Dial. So did Gothamgirl. So did I to my own self, so did Beatle…I am immune to being shit on. Maybe I kinda like it.

System is a human being with emotions… he is not infallible. He is definitely NOT Putt. He is also capable of eventually stepping back when things are heated like this and admit “I was wrong.”

I don’t know him but I can imagine being in his shoes trying to create that site and having someone like Gabs, who is a fucking badass, attack him full force - but then me hearing how System is like “I want peace but they don’t” is the reason I am here seeing if I can help. Doubtful, and I’ll probably make it worse. Maybe I just want Original Voat back…