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People are going blind and deaf and the retahds are saying thats just the vaccine working or to drink lots of water and tylenol for their blood clots! they are experiencing !

They are all getting vaxed, hopefully they wont be around in the next few years.

Gonna have to wear masks around NPC’s? Maybe if we get a tiny bit of exposure to the NPC spike proteins it will simulate our immune systems to create antibodies to the spike???

The removed is comming back to equilibrium

Vietnamese drink coffee made from coffee beans that were eaten and shitted out by fruits bats and its expensive too!

Hahah, I’ve seen some of his video’s, he was a drum god but very arrogant. I believe a Juden too

Goats will survive the Great Rest Vaccine!!

Arrest the Jooo’s!!

Are these the Jews??? Luciferian Covenant

"The halls of Amenti is a time portal passage that holds the race Blueprint field that would allow the fragmented Angelic Human souls to eventually re-evolve back into its original divine blueprint as a 12D Krystal being. " https://ascensionglossary.com/index.php/Amenti

Great video. He was exactly right, now they are out front about it. So many interesting things, alchemy, Kaballah, so many rabbit holes

Thanks, Looks awesome, will check out tonight. Hoffman is a great Joo researcher.

They are fucking Khazar removed!! yea he got his wish

Thank you Perfect. you clearly have studied spritual science. I am reading a book of the origins of WW I by Rudolph Steiner