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Everyone spread out. You can find most either here, discord, or element chat. And a couple more in movies

Did you manage to keep contact with Native? He’s the only one I lost really

This is no homo love bro. Voat may have died, but I never stopped stalking you!

Only consensual things

That party chat update was the worst.

Sounds like a poofter drink

So I finally got a PS5

I’m a bit underwhelmed. It’s not much more than a PS4 just polished. And the unit itself is huge and ugly. …

I’m back. It stopped sucking already. Story of my life right there…

I think just fat consequence. Looked like it wasn’t his first rodeo.

Fph discord just keeps on giving ;)

It took years to cultivate this aroma

Who shit in my locker?

Seriously. I’m gone for a couple of months and this is what I get…

You just offended Ireland. Well done!

I’m ok, still lost in the wild though. Been active on the sdbh discord mostly. Glad you got your brakes sorted out.

Missing the good times man, we were a dysfunctional duo, but fuck we had some laughs.

How about I put both in your ass?

Last lot before turning the garden over and starting again for the season…