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Pee is stored in the balls.

  1. Take 6 IPAs. Place them in a bag.
  2. Call a friend you suspect is gay.
  3. Trade the IPAs for any liquor they have. Whiskey is best but froo froo drinks like Goldshlager or whipped cream vodka are acceptable.
  4. Pour three fingers of liquor, drink quickly.
  5. Nurse Guiness as needed for maintenance.
  6. Fry eggs for breakfast. Pair with white ale.

Keep posting this stuff. You’re the GOAT when I run out of work music.

“Notice me Senpai!”

It has improved noticeably.

Do you guys have content yet, or only when xyz does something tupid?

That really means there’s one rich ‘fellow white’ there for every 10,000 poor fuckers of any race, so they get to justify this discrimination.

Beaver dams don’t count as naval bases, silly leafs.

If this idea is going to go anywhere they need someone other than a boomer with a tongue ulcer explaining it.

Now we can send fake money to the brown countries, paying them to pollute there instead. We have to get this racist out of the White House.

Some models come with built-in pads that absorb recoil.

I mean, for almost 60 thats not too shabby.

So can we start inviting other people here yet?

Or is there some development or load issue where showing it to non-refugees later would make more sense? …