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It’s not about getting charcoal, it’s about taking charcoal. Destroying the status quo because the status is not quo. The world is a mess and I just need to rule it.

-Dr. Squirrelable

Black Deaths Are Politically Expedient wasn’t as catchy.

I forgot what this response was to and I felt personally attacked there for a moment.

Yeah, I’ve never seen a homeless person care if people dislike them. If they tried to care at all, they couldn’t maintain it for a full minute.

Yeah, the current iteration of goatpen uses turbofag code with an uneditable word filter list. They’re working on replacing it altogether.

Why would anyone need to see that twice?

Don’t forget the combination on his luggage!

This dog is a twinkie inu.

She kinda looks like someone made a cheap knock off of Carla from Scrubs and then ran it over.

Can confirm.

I had a really cold bedroom when I lived at my sister’s house, so I learned - to cuddle with a cat under a down comforter.

Galactus confirmed.

I’m sure it was novel and exciting, and not the same rationale I’ve seen before. Pity we missed it.

Luckily for her she’s one of those “space is fake” people and believes Nevada = Mars, so she isn’t suffocating.

previously worked at Ruby Ridge, Waco

That hardly seems to matter since the judicial branch is almost totally complicit.

So, instead of the roast beef sandwich, it’s a Halloween whopper?

If they were so concerned about wearing masks, why didn’t they go somewhere else when they were told nobody wears masks there at the door? This isn’t the only bar in town, I’m sure. Why (in their own minds) put their precious retarded baby at risk by choosing to be somewhere that doesn’t meet their own misguided “safety” standards?

Dear Reddit

How do you make the screaming stop when you’re alone?..