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Producing technical drawings for production of semi-custom electric motors. Later on, maybe some development of them also. Might get boring over time, but hey…it pays better, its a 15 min drive, no overtime, and some other benefits, such as no removed bosses that dont know what the fuck they are doing.

Stupid commie lemmy devs cant even into SBBH underhanded methods…

Making it bruh. Ima go hang with electro-moto bois at the new company, they pay mo-betta and do everything mo-betta then the heavy metal only bois.

Thanks. I still have to give them a month of work by contract, minus one week of vacation i have remaining. I got a better new job lined up after all that.

Well…i just got vodka’d up a bit :) After that i just enjoyed a day in the sun. Just walking around. Thanks.

i dont get it.

but keem is cool

looks like the very first sample of an experimental ice cream, at a brand new factory that didnt quite get the setup right.

i dont even know how to write EN I GE GE EY AR.

Dont hate me because i’m beautiful.

step 1: print smol gun for baby in 3h.

step 2: baby busy with new gun, wont nudge printer for the next 24h

step3: print real gun.

WTF, its putting ther “order pizza” button next to a “laucnch nukes at emerika/russia” button inside a nuke silo. …