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Nah, just got some cream.

bro, just eject bro

was a trust me, i’m an engineer kind of deal

Didn’t wanna have to chase after it and look for it in the grass. Wanted it to land right next to the gun.

Elbow yeah.

I didn’t wanna pay for one, nor did i want to dig for brass in one to inspect primers. Plus, i want to be able to see the chamber. So i improvised a deflector instead of buying a catcher. I just got the angle wrong so while it worked, it would just spit brass onto me. :) Next one is gonna work better!

…thanks my DIY experimental brass deflector…

yeah i couldn’t read last night. but after 8h of sleep, today i can. its a medical miracle.

maybe he became an alcoholic

i knew i would attract you

also, full spaag vs. mass conscript. muhahahahahaha

am now playing war game red dragon. im gonna make custom decks where i have a bunch of ultra heavy soviet artillery, and the AI has nothing but a shitton of conscript infantry. muhahahahahaha.

yeah, tracks are always more cool than wheels in my book. baserunners are huge tho. you can camp with it.


its a BIG truck!

its a base runner. guns are mounted on top. it also deploys turrets.