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I think if you have a good solid rotation then you can work both sides well.

I’m going to try host this type of event next year in my area! Wonderful!

Hah, you call it a sword! That’s cute…

My dad taught me make eye contact as a sign of respect, I totally missed that! Thanks for “pointing” it out ?

Haha, like your hairstyle? :p

Nerp, she was naturally well proportioned! Thank God!


Please unben people this is not sbbh dood!

I never saw it till now the pinging here is dismal and this site is terrible to navigate.

Like the Clinton foundation that sub is abscessloot cover for water breaking in uteri and skin care projections to improve anal logeys. Like they sell highly saught after artwork as a cover for decapitating conduct!

Here they are using funding from the gubment as projection/protection method to get money back guarantees on purchases with incentives for continued purchasing.

@ShrimpAnon@preview.goatpen.co knows ALL about it!

Me being a good helper? Are we winning?


And it never fails the litmus test; can laugh at self and not be overtly consumed by self?

Yip, we be winning!

Where is @ShrimpAnon@preview.goatpen.co when you need him on Q?

I didn’t want to say, well done for noticing doctor. On another note don’t these traffic trackers collect IP addresses? I forget how this works…

Well it sounds reasonable but when I asked you before, you just left me hanging tbh.

Obviously, I am not wanting nefarious people here and I am genuinely wanting to understand. It seems we both got off on the wrong footing. You see the majority of people here are ex voat and there were nefarious people on there, some with malice in their actions. We will always test your intent as this is second nature to us from being there.

Expect to be prodded and poked as it’s a great test of character, but don’t create a safe space here, or an echo chamber like some power mod tripping on their ego.

Also never jump to conclusions as in “ever” and do not expect a “rise” out of goats with ad hominem attacks, it just fuels the enthusiasm to poke more at you, because we know who we are and do not need recognition from others to establish that.

You need to unban worf and I as there is no point in being enemies in a small start up community. It’s silly to even think this is a good move.



Why didn’t you explain it to me like a civilized adult? Why do you keep acting like a hormone driven teenager? Does your mom know you are here?

So what traffic sources are you implementing and why? I genuinely want to understand but your ego keeps getting in the way… you seem to think we all understand what you are talking about, but we don’t.

So I asked you why you put trackers in your posts and you label me a *W-H-O-R-E and ban me? Lol…

Are you okay?

@heygeorge@preview.goatpen.co I need your clinical evaluation of this persons health please.

Biden also announced that he asked the Department of Labor to issue an emergency rule requiring all employers with 100 or more employees to ensure their workforce is fully vaccinated or require any unvaccinated workers to produce a negative Covid test at least once a week. The requirement could carr…