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We usually try to post here when planning something. I usually try and post if I put a movie up.

I noticed the cloudflare thingy, too, but I was able to get arouind it by filling out the Captcha and then refreshing the screen

Well, that explains why the plane couldn;t get airborne…

I’d be happy with “crawl away”.

You think Timothy Dalton is best Bond.

Speaking of cookies, you only eat those “Shortbread” cookies from the Girl Scouts

You think Nationwide really IS on your side.

There is an oldschool password recovery tool.

Go to your command prompt, and type in ‘fdisk c:’

You thought afterMASH was a great TV show

yeah, where gabara is, I isn’t. Oil and water.

I’m the sex, he’s the STD.

I’m the gasoline engine, he’s diesel fuel.

I’m the sweet snack, he’s the tooth decay.

I’m that cute squirrel that plays in your yard, he’s the car that ran it over on purpose.

I’m your favorite dish he’s salmonella.

I’m the asshole, he’s the shit that comes out of it.

I hit clay at about 1.5’ I consider you lucky.

And digging by torchlight is better. it gives it that normalizing feel to grave digging, and it keeps the skeeters away.

What is Voat discord? Voat doesn;t exist anymore. It died for our sins, like amalek.

Nice buy, COF. I hope it works out for you!

pureblood life chooses you

“Cyclops is shitty at trolling” is engraved on your wedding ring?

That’s weird.

Alien/Lost civ nuke, or exploding asteroid?

Thinking nuke, because Lot’s wife turned to salt, like she was vaporized into a pillar of ash. Thinking an exploding asteroid would just flatten her, not ash/salt her…