I like making things and not being told what to do

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Ever heard of the "cursed soldiers"? Me neither

Turns out after the commies invaded poland the poles didn’t just roll over. At least one of them kept fighting right up until the 1960s. …

Me too tbh. Wandering planet was nuts.

No actually! If it was furze he’s probably power it with a buzz saw or something.

This place isn’t very high activity, and system isn’t as cancerous as AOU. The carrot and stick just aren’t as powerful.

Sometimes I love the internet for having everything so backwards

Ladies? I only saw one.

I think the backstroke would be a lot less powerful.

Depending on your area:

  • Become a righty

  • Get burned as a witch

  • Hire the local blacksmith to make you a lefty plough

Huh, interesting.

Aren’t there problems with degredation of DNA though? Like by your 40s your sperm are beginning to have a few more errors and a woman’s eggs are going a bit stale.

Let me guess “jewish opinions might be silenced if other people are free to mock them.”

No problem. He’s an excellent producer.

I would love to think that the “outage” forced them to roll back to an earlier server image on whatever server controls censorship.

His last post was interesting though don’t you think?

Facebook addiction will fuel the drive for internet restrictions

I can see it already, most normies are hopelessly addicted to social media and support anything the authorities say to get their fix. Lifelog has performed beyond the CIA’s wildest dreams…

I need answers… wtf?

Sorry, proto-indo-europeans, not WHG weaklings.

New research suggests they conquered europe using ownly their jawline as weapons, mogging all of the local men into submission…

Actually… it might make sense for washing if they cover the whole leg. So you change the foot every day but you only have to wash the big heavy leg warmer once a week or so.

I don’t see where he says it’s good for their business. With people like that they tend to cause an initial boom because they’re charismatic and good at drawing in new cultists. Then the whole thing blows up and the company looks like shit for being associated with them in any way.