I like making things and not being told what to do

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Holy crap, is that shooped or actually her?

It was a picture of the classic Simpsons intro where Maggie and Marge drive in the car and Maggie has a little steering wheel in front of her and beebs the horn. Maggie was labeled Biden and Marge secret service.


There’s a couple of takes. One where he’s driving by and you can see the steering wheel. The other is a static shot where they took it out.

I mean… is it a “theory” as such? It’s right there in the video.

Also, that link seems broken, it just tries to download some file. Is there supposed to be an extension?

Hey, just saw your comment now. Yeah, the codebase this site is based on was developed by lefties, so they included a word filter. The guy running it said he’ll get rid of it eventually.

You can escape it by putting a blank link in the right place: Fa[]()ggot = Faggot