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Had it been one of the slightly bigger feline species this video would have been entirely different

Is that you Rotteuxx? If so how ya been and why are you and I suddenly on opposite sides of the fence?

Gay Nigger Association of America? I thought they had disbanded

I kinda missed out on it, but it was probably the usual. Someone was sperging out and they got the SBBH treatment for it. Then they sperged out some more and rinse and repeat. Somewhere down the line it was decided SBBH was “illegal”(admins words) and a group of people got banned regardless if they had anything to do with it or not.

It’s kinda difficult to explain how removed some of these people are. Perhaps best exemplified when they tried to discredit SBBH by comparing it to another shitposting group called SRS. SRS stands for ShitRedditSays…

Soapboxbanhammer is exactly what it says on the tin. Someone starts blabbering about how they know how everything should be(soapboxing) and they get pegged down a notch with our unique sense of humor(banhammering among other things). It’s not even a matter of them being right or wrong, but it is our way of saying they should get back to the drawingboard with how they present their ideas.

That’s the shortened version of why SBBH was unwelcome on fake voat.

Ok, so here’s some autistic sperg out on my part. When the MAGA folks have such a narrow set of interests, why the hell do they insist on picking a Reddit style platform, when an old school forum would have been much better suited for their specific needs? If they copy/pasted Kiwifarm’s layout and replaced “lolcows” with “deepstate players” they might actually get some shit done!

Hey man. Appreciate all the work you’re doing for us misfits. Don’t let this stress you out. We’re goats. We’re already adjusted to 85% uptime so we’ll probably survive a bit of offline time :)

Keep it up dude and thank you!

You named it yet?

The only significant ban I ever received was from Voat’s SoapboxBanhammer. Humor really is the litmus test of everything :)

Mercedes indeed. Model W31 to be exact. I think about 35 were build with just a handful still in existence. The kit car makers should get right on making a replica if you ask me.

Prey you never find out how many of us already here are doxxers ;)

It’s ill adviced for our ilk to leave accurate personal information open on the interweb even if it seems harmless. Bits here and there can be pieced together and suddenly someone knows a lot more about you than you’d like, so you may wanna edit your post slightly.

I’m early 40’s.

Congratulation. Yours is the first topic here I have seen with a negative score. Super sensitive people out there :)

Right. That’s a perfectly valid stance I can respect. The reason I poke at it is that I’ve seen the stones described as “satanic” quite often with our ilk and I’m genuinely not seeing it. I’d love for someone to walk me through what I’m missing out on and how they came to that conclusion.

I’ll play the devils advocate. What’s wrong with it? Here’s what I’m reading into it.

1: I imagine having to go from 8 billion population to 500 mil will eek some out. It would however put the world population as it was around Shakespeare’s time. Is that so bad?

2: This as I see it is aimed more at the monkeys who breed endlessly with no way to support their offsprings.

3: Most of the world already speaks English. This is a mute point.

4: Don’t let your emotions carry your away. Again I don’t see that as such a bad advice.

5: Would be nice. I strongly doubt it will ever happen though.

6: Fuck yeah. Leave others to determine their own shit unless it affects yours!

7: You play the devils advocate on this one. Why would this be a bad thing?

8: Think locally not globally. What may be in your best interest may as a matter of fact involve your neighbors.

9: Hippie nonsense.

10: I like fields and forests better than cities.