oh Is your life a never ending crescendo of despair & sorrow? LoL

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Of-course! that would be criminal. I rarely get to laugh at people for having little penises. Here is a situation where I can… if I weren’t banned that is. When you make fun of wolfballs for having a little penis please know you’re doing it for me

Why? Why not make him feel bad so we can laugh while he cries

It doesn’t matter, his penis is little. he needs to be reminded

would you please tell thee wolf balls guy that he has a little penis

I made an account over there. We’ll see what happens

What other option do people have?

What are your favorite space podcasts?

Ever thought about making pots?

I’m a fan of Porter, I’ve made the mistake of buying vanilla, chocolate cookie dough porter.

I like my Porter like how I like my women: bitter & unpleasant.

I’ll have a space discussion with you: do you think niggers float in space?

What about some melted down beer cans? It is cheap ice flavor beer cans

Make me the mod of privacy too please

Anything good on there?

Where are you going?

Nope but make me mod anyway

Here’s a whole movie about a gay dog https://yewtu.be/watch?v=KnuIb_mw3-I

But is it gay?

Also the book was better because the main character wasn’t a nigro

Digging a grave in the dark is a pain in the ass

I can’t see the mosquitoes land. I can’t see anything really. It’s definitely more of a pain in the ass than digging a grave in the daylight. …

Pumpkin is for more than pie

I just mixed some canned pumpkin into cabbage soup, it’s pretty good…