ok this post is the soapdox warrant canary

i have never received any orders to do anything from law enforcement officials that i can remember

one time they wrote down that i didnt present insurance but they were cool with it because my truck was upside down and i was bleeding

actually im wearing those pants right now

except theyre shorts nowadays

theyve had a hard life

How do we know that you are telling the truth though? This sounds just like what a Fed would say.

We’re going to need a full audit to validate these claims. Please give us your social security number, credit card number and banking details so we can check into it.

Birthdate too. Also, PIN numbers to banking accounts, favorite teacher, the street you grew up on, and mothers maiden name for security purposes.

my favorite teacher didnt have a pin number

at last thats what she told me

LOl, stupid teacher!


Don’t forget the combination on his luggage!

I have a TSA key, but I will take the combination to the gun safe.

the guns are protected by defense in depth

its a beaten zone you negotiate to get to them

You sound like such a hero, standing up to them like that.

i was a bit wobbly

but that was only due to head trauma

You drive terribly.

You really should not put your truck upside down with a baby on board, or at least without a baby on board window decal.

yeah i wasnt planning to

but thats always what an asshole says after he fucks up lol

Oops. I used it!