But I’m going to blame it on that admin (teenage boy pretending to be a girl) who posted a collection of quotes he attributed to my account, and threatened to report me to the FBI, because this could get our site taken down. Well, especially if you make a list of ‘violations’ for the convenience of your hosting company.

It’s an odd coincidence that the site is down for the first time ever the day after a site admin invoked the FBI in some comments with a list of purported site violations, and then I kind of escalated it a bit with my own post.

I was just expecting to be banned today. lol Now I’m probably being investigated by the FBI.

Gas the juice, guis. Fizzy juice is the best!




Best theory I’ve seen is that TheAmeliaMay making that claim against me, and invoking the FBI, spooked the hosting company who then said fuck off. M7 made a big mistake in making that transmission into an admin.


You’re doing The Lord’s work.