Shocking images show Coca-Cola is training employees to "try to be less white"

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consume corn syrup and sugar, goyim



Same. Just thought it would be funny to phrase it like that.


Be more white drink water

I’ll stick with water


Mr Pibb is a cokacola product.

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So I’ve done a lot of research on soda companies a while back. You just about got it.

RC cola is owned by Dr. Pepper, which is owned by Kueregg. I’ve done a lot of research on what they own. There is something oddly consistent about them all. They are completely not woke. Not a single sub-brand. Not a single BLM mention on a website. Nothing. That’s odd for even one corporate website these days to not have that stuff. And this holds true for hundreds of sub-brands.

This isn’t true of Pepsi which is just as bad as Coke. This is often the case (Walmart vs Amazon), (Microsoft vs Apple), (Google vs Apple). Sometimes they don’t give you a good choice.

But I found this strange cabal of really old companies (some of the brands they’ve kept alive are 100 years old), and they are completely a-political.

So that gives you, RC Cola, Dr. Pepper, Yohoo, Snapple (you wouldn’t think it), and every other product that Dr. Pepper and RC make, which is a lot. Some of their sub-brands have way way less recognition and it would honestly be fun trying to locate some of these really obscure products. They have quite a few 100 year old root-bear companies under their belt.


What about 7up?

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