I feel victorious

After holding a very large poop for a very long ride I have no streaks and the amount of mud butt Was minimal. As a truck driver this is always the highlight of my day…

Sometimes I seriously wonder how neural-link If introduced on large scale would affect society

I honestly think you create a lower tier class of citizen as serfs Without the neural link and a higher society that is ultra intelligent but has zero survival capabilities …

It Behooves Yous guys

Our Lord says to His servant: You will never be safe from temptation and tribulation in this life, and therefore spiritual armor is necessary for you as long as you live. You are among your enemies and will be troubled and vexed by them on every side; unless you use everywhere the shield of patience…

Aside from the use of my smart phone, technology has ruined and a public bathroom

While dropping off a cuban cigar in the shitter The automatic lights in the bathroom turned off due to lack of movement so then I got up to trigger the lights and the automatic toilet went off because no one was sitting on it anymore and then water splashed up onto my ass meanwhile the automatic lig…


    A room where you post while shitting, let us know your thoughts while pooping